Franklin Woods Association

​Bloomfield Township, Michigan 48301

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Welcome to the Franklin Woods Association.  Whether you are a resident looking for information or someone looking for a great place to live, we hope you will have a satisfying visit to our website.  We are a subdivision of Bloomfield Township, Michigan with 88 homes.  We are a welcoming and beautiful community with unique homes and mature trees.  Over the past year, we have seen 10 homes turnover as buyers take advantage of record low interest rates.  Residents love our great schools, great Township services, convenient location and one of the few hilly neighbors around, making for incredible landscaped yards.



Lloyd Silberman        President         248-538-1595

Holly Drimby              VP                            

Bruce Luria                Treasurer          248-737-9322

Kelli Rozenzweig      Sec.                      

Connie Kenty            Director

Meta Francis             Director

Imelda Romeri          Director

Otto Hugi                   Director

Elizabeth Matthews  Director