Franklin Woods Association

​Bloomfield Township, Michigan 48301

There are always opportunities to participate.  We have a variety of Board positions ranging from President to Secretary to Director.  We have committees dealing with social activities, architectural issues, roads, welcoming and more.  There is also a book club.

For more information contact any Board member or Allen Wolf 248 687-9656..


 About Us


Franklin Woods is located in Bloomfield Township, Michigan, south of Maple Road and west of Franklin Road.  Our subdivision can only be entered from Franklin Road by turning on to Pickering Road.  Our Association consists of 88 homes located on Pickering Road, Fairhill Road, Crestview Court and Kingswood Drive.  Our community is a quiet one.  While we don't have sidewalks, you will almost always find neighbors on leisurely walks or jogging on our delightfully hilly roads.  We are one of the few neighborhoods in the Township with hills.  We have a healthy mix of cultures, races, religions, ethnicities and ages.

While both young and old in our community, there are over 50 children living in our sub, most of whom attend the fabulous public schools in our district.  While we don't take a census of cats and dogs, we have many of those as well.  

We also value our wildlife.  In addition to the usual squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks and groundhogs, we have numerous deer, including some handsome bucks, who consider our subdivision home.  We have regular visits from some very large turtles, ducks and fox.  We have on occasion spotted a swan or two.  A tributary of the Rouge River flows south through our subdivision from Meadowlake to the north.  

Our subdivision was developed by Herman and Ivan Frankel in the mid-to-late 1950s. Most homes date back to that time.  Owners take pride in their property and every property is well-maintained.  Many homes have had additions and most homes have benefited from frequent updating.  Most homes range in market value from $550,000 to $1 million.