Call to Order by President Betsy Matthews at 7:30 pm.

Minutes of 2017 Meeting were approved.

19 members were in attendance.

DTE Energy has contractors working to clear power lines with tree removal and tree trimming.  Discussion raised questions whether there was too much “removal” in some of the backyards, but it was agreed that the work should continue.  Some power poles are also being replaced.  This is necessary to reduce the number of power outages during storms and high winds.  A completion date for this work was not offered.

Concern was expressed regarding repair of Pickering Road where culverts undergird the road.  Three locations are involved.  The road at 4680 is particularly hazardous.  Since the passage is limited one lane, drivers must slow down and be courteous with vehicles approaching from the opposite direction.

The Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual and Balance Sheet were presented and approved by the members attending.  Income was 4.8% under budget at $10,600, expenses were 16% under budget at $9,159.01 resulting in a surplus of $1440.99.  The Balance Sheet showed Total Equity of $14,748.47 as of June 30, 2018.  Thanks were expressed to Bruce Luria for the great job he is doing.

The amount of annual dues remains unchanged, but the subdivision has outstanding dues of $7,025 on 11 properties.  22 residents remain unpaid for the current year.  A “lien” letter will be going out for the outstanding $7,025 dues in October/November and will refer to the requirements spelled out in their deeds.  A motion to accept increased costs of $200 for snow removal was presented and approved.

Elections for the upcoming Board year were held as listed below:

President-                 Allen Wolf

Vice President --     Lloyd Silberman

Treasurer--               Bruce Luria

Secretary --              Julian Greenebaum

Members at Large

Otto Hugi
Ron Strote
Connie Kenty
Meta Francis

We were pleased to welcome Officer Turner of the Bloomfield Township Police Department who spoke in detail on the need to keep our homes safe.  He discussed the Vacation Notification Form which is available on-line at and can be filled out and given to the BTPD when away from home.  The Department will then cruise the neighborhood and note any suspect activities.  He stressed keeping knowledge of your vacation limited; hold mail or have someone pick it up regularly; use lights on timers; double check that everything is locked; use security cameras and motion sensors with lights; maintain an alarm system with an alarm sign as a deterrent; lock cars in garage; always lock car doors, inside and outside; never leave valuables in the car; and keep packages off the porch.  He said the BTPD can be contacted for visual recommendations.

We were pleased to welcome Township Supervisor Leo Savoie who reconfirmed house safety from the point of both the police and fire departments.  He expected the road work to be completed in November.  He commented on the multiple departments, agencies and contractors involved in creating the specifications for the work, reviewing bids, etc.  He also spoke about the new Nino Salvaggio grocery store which is expected to open before Thanksgiving.  He also offered additional comments on the road/culvert rework and pointed out that emergencies will be addressed quickly.

The meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm.

Submitted by Julian Greenebaum, Secretary

Annual Meeting Minutes – October 17, 2018

Wing Lake School on Maple Road

Franklin Woods Association

​Bloomfield Township, Michigan 48301

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