Franklin Woods Association Annual Meeting Minutes

December 2, 2015 7:00 PM
4545 Pickering


Attendees: Margo and Jerry Kline, Chuck Rebrecht, Alan and Donna Kitzens, Mark Klein, Js. Lee, Frank Messing, Otto Hugi, Pat and Jeff Plopa, Esther Krystal, Sajal and Lynn Choudhury, Seiko Yee, Bruce Luria, Lloyd Silberman, Ernie and Ellen Skuta,  Betsy Matthews,   Bob and Katie Emerine, Connie Kenty, David Nordstrom, Maria Cooney, Odette Jones,  Jeff Gunsberg,  Dave and Meta Frances, Ron Strote, Lavon Cook, Joe and Sandy Mastromatteo, Allen Wolf,  Andy Matuszynski, Barry Rosen, Barbara Borden.  Guests were Dean Begley and Tom Trice. Tera Varde arrived towards the end of the meeting.

Call to Order and Welcome – Andy Matuszynski, President at 7:10 PM

Presentation by Dean Begley, Grounds Division Foreman and Licensed Arborist and Tom Trice, Public Works Director, Bloomfield Township

Dean was asked to talk about trees in our community.  He provided various handouts which are in the attachments to the minutes.  Bloomfield Township has a Tree Preservation Ordinance.  Prior permission is required to remove trees greater than 8 inches, which is less stringent than our Restrictions which apply to 6 inch trees. 

Among Dean’s comments: There is a lot of oaks in our neighborhood and we need to protect against oak wilt disease.  Do not trim oak trees between April 1 and October 31 while they are sapping.  If a limb breaks, seal it with latex paint.  There are two types of problems affecting the spruce trees.  One fungus is treatable, the other is not.  One way to find out which it is, would be to take a sample to the MSU Extension (at the County Complex).  Don’t bury diseased limbs—put them out for Rizzo.  Pine trees in our area are being affected by 2 or 3 types of diplodia.  Pine wilt is a serious disease caused by the pinewood nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus.   It can kill a tree in as little as three weeks and there is nothing that can be done once infected.

It is important to get your soil tested to determine the Ph level.  Then you can adjust your Ph or plant appropriate plants based on the acidity of your soil.  Be sure to use an insured company with a licensed arborist for your diagnostic needs and for advice.  The Cornell site on the attachment is a good place to get recommendations on the type of trees to plant.  The Township encourages everyone to plant native species  -- they belong here and are most likely to be successful.

There is a lot of poison ivy in our area and sometimes it may be hard to identify.  If in doubt, do not handle or even get close.  The airborne particles from the plant may be all you need to get an allergic reaction.  Use Roundup or a similar product on the root structure but don’t dig it up.  If wrapping trees with burlap for the winter, leave it open at the top.  When planting new trees, follow instructions carefully or used a responsible company because often it is not done correctly. 

The Township uses J.H. Hart and Mike’s Tree Service for their needs.  See attachments for resources for identifying other reputable companies.  (You can also use NextDoor for references or Angies’ List.)

Senior residents on a limited budget may qualify for block grant funds for removal of dead trees.  Contact the senior center for assistance.

 Approval of Minutes of Last Year’s Meeting   -- Motion to approve submitted by Sajal Choudhury and seconded by Jeff Gunsberg.  Unanimously approved.

 Elections  -- There were no nominations from the floor and the slate was approved by unanimous consent after a motion by Sajal Choudhury, seconded by Lynn Choudhury.

President: Andy Matuszynski 
Vice President:  Betsy Matthews
Treasurer: Bruce Luria
Secretary:  Lloyd Silberman

Board members:
Katie Emerine
Rod Myers
Barbara Borden
Jeff Popa
Ron Strote

 Following the elections, Andy provided recognition to former Board members, Holly Drimby, Cheryl McIlhon, Tera Varde.  Andy also presented Franklin Woods shirts to Allen Wolf, Bruce Luria and Otto Hugi for their service to our community.

 Financial Report – Bruce Luria, Treasurer presented the past year’s performance to budget and a budget for the current fiscal year.  Both approved unanimously after a motion by Katie Emerine, seconded by Betsy Matthews.  Bruce reported that we have a cash balance of about $15,000. We generally collect about $11,000 in dues per year.  We had more this past year because payment of prior year delinquencies.  The current budget projects a $1600 surplus for the year.    Reports can be found in the attachment.

 As part of the financial discussion, Otto Hugi received a round of applause for the beauty of our common areas and how well it is all managed.  Delores Manoogian does the weeding and KP Landscaping does the grass cutting, leaf clean-up, etc.  Snow plowing is being done by Ron Rogers (586-850-9305).  An explanation of our Officers and Directors Insurance policy was provided.

Committee Chairs
 Architectural/Property Modification:  Betsy Matthews
 Hospitality:   Patty Myers
 Landscape:  Otto Hugi
 Roads:  Allen Wolf

 Review of procedure for architectural changes- Betsy Matthews, Chair, thanked everyone for their cooperation in submitting proposals for architectural changes to their homes and property in compliance with our Restrictions.  Contact Betsy if you have any questions or need assistance.



We had an extensive discussion on the problem of speeding and discussed various actions including speed bumps, a permanent electronic speed monitor, adding signage, and other ideas.  It was resolved that Betsy Matthews will talk to Township officials about installing a Stop of Yield sign at the intersection of Pickering and Fairhill.  (It was noted that a new yield sign was installed on Fairhill at Pickering just recently.)  Betsy will also pursue getting the bushes trimmed at that intersection.  Based on the consensus of the attendees, Andy will request that Bloomfield Township police set up periodic speed traps in our subdivision.

 As a side note, Allen will talk to Tom Trice about the repair of the guard rails in the subdivision and whether it would be possible to install more decorative rails, perhaps out of wood.

 The Board decided to not pursue installing cameras at the entrance to the subdivision at this time.  The cost and bureaucracy turned out to be far greater than we expected.

 Social event planning We have scheduled a couple of events so far.  A pool party will be held at Betsy Matthews home again this year.  We will have an out door event during the summer being organized by Katie Emerine.  Mandy and Allen will host an “Open Succah” in October.  We are looking for someone to organize a Halloween event.  More details forthcoming.  A request was made to move the Annual Meeting back to the September timeframe.

 Concerns from members

Barbara Borden raised the question of whether there would be interest in an association sponsored branch chipping service and leaf mulching.  No decision made on this.

 Betsy was thanked for her hospitality and the meeting was adjourned around 8:30 pm.

 Following the meeting, Jeff Gunsberg suggested that we circulate information about houses going on the market in the neighborhood.  Many of us know of people who are interested in living in our neighborhood and we could help each other and potentially save homeowners realtor expenses.

Constitution, Restrictions, Directory and more can be found on our website:
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